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Family Law

Representing clients with complex Family Law issues

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Representing clients with a variety of Business Law issues

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Civil Law

Negotiating complex civil issues for our clients

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One of the biggest challenges known to man is reaching the highest point on Earth, Mt. Everest. Sometimes a legal problem can seem like such a challenge. Here at D. Larry Segal Law Offices, we have professional and talented staff that will provide a unique, personal approach to your legal issue. We have a proven track record of accepting and resolving difficult cases and we provide our clients with the confidence to see their matter through to a positive outcome.

Here at D. Larry Segal Law Offices, what matters to our clients, matters to us. We take pride in our work and in serving the needs of our clients, from start to finish.

We concentrate in three main areas of Law: FAMILY LAW, BUSINESS LAW, and CIVIL LAW. We assist our clients with their complex issues and provide them with skillful advocacy through all stages of their matter: negotiations, mediation, arbitration, and all levels of Court. Here at D. Larry Segal Law Offices, we provide our clients with creative, comprehensive, and vigorous representation, seeing their matter through to its proper conclusion.

D. Larry Segal is a proud sponsor of “Finding Life”

Elia Saikaly’s returns to the summit of Mt Everest. A World First Initiative involving thousands of kids across Canada.

Follow the journey and find out more at: www.findinglife.ca

PHOTO: Elia Saikaly near the top of Mt. Everest